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Enhance the look of any room with the addition of a stunning backsplash, or ground your space with a sturdy porcelain floor that will stand the test of time.

In addition to a wide selection of both backsplash and floor tile, we have a wonderful collection of natural stone, gathered from around the world.

Natural stone tile

Bring the beauty of nature into your home with the addition of natural stone tile- the earthy tones and textures will help to ground any space and create a classic, warm interior.


Great for baking and working with dough because of its cool surface, this natural stone brings a timeless beauty to any kitchen or bath. A stone that will age with time, marble will add the character of classic architecture to your space.


Two looks can be achieved with Travertine. Cross cut travertine gives a nod to the past for a rustic, old world look. Vein cut travertine is truly stunning with its unique patterns and colors that are enhanced during this cutting process.


With its rich green, blue, black and red tones, slate is a signature look for a worldly feel.


This soft, sandy stone is the perfect addition for a spa like feeling for your bath, or a classic feel for an entryway.


Granite is a very durable natural stone with beautiful patterns and colors drawn from the Earth. Each piece lends a unique pattern and grain to your project for a truly natural look.

Ceramic tile



Non-porous and resistant to scratching, Porcelain tile is the perfect solution for achieving the look of natural stone without the maintenance, or the modern look of contemporary tile!


These tiles are much like porcelain tiles however they have a slightly different manufacturing process and use different materials. The main note is that non-porcelain tiles can sometimes absorb water.

More options


Wood look

Achieve a look of wood with worry free maintenance with wood look tile. With the newest technology, patterns are realistic with true to life veining and texture and limited pattern repeats.

Tile backsplash

Nothing can add more pizzazz to your kitchen than the addition of a tile backsplash. There are so many options with these unique tiles that you can really showcase the personality of your home through this simple update!

Heated tile

Enjoy the worry free lifestyle of a tile floor without the chill of winter on your feet by adding a heated membrane beneath the installation of your tile. With a programmable system you can always be comfortable no matter the season!

Decorative tile