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The benefits of an interior design service

Maintaining budgets and providing time management are the two greatest things about hiring an interior design professional. Without this kind of assistance, you can end up mismanaging your deadlines, overspending, decreasing the value of your home, and more. The designer will instantly know what products suit your needs and budget and overseeing construction.

Start with a design consultation

Have you heard the designer battle cry, "Design from the floor up?" That means it's the floor that sets the tone for the entire room. It's also not uncommon to walk into a flooring store and see complementary products, such as window coverings and furniture.

That's because it all works together. It allows you to envision the big picture of your room design. It also allows you to see how certain items, such as the right window covering, can protect your furniture, floor, and accessories from fading from heat and sun.

What to expect from an interior design consultation

You'll be asked a lot of questions about your lifestyle, needs, wants, and goals. One piece of good advice is to go through the design pages and tear out the pages with rooms you like. Be prepared to tell the designer why you liked the room, what elements especially you want, and what you don't like.

This is an important exercise. The reason is that you might see something one day, then something, the exact opposite, the next. That can become a cycle and, when it keeps going on, there might be no end in sight. A professional designer will know how to incorporate those elements cohesively to create your style.
Also bring textile samples, paint chips, and even, if you have one, a vision board. A designer will offer you skills, experience, and an ability to articulate your vision. Translating dreams into reality isn't an easy job. A designer will allow you to achieve the best possible result. The result will become your brand, your unique style.

Every one of our staff members in our Ann Arbor showroom is a professional designer, not a commissioned salesperson. For more information about our interior design consultation services, visit the Esquire Interiors showroom in Ann Arbor and Plymouth, MI. We service Ann Arbor, MI, Plymouth, MI, Barton Hills, MI, Wayne, MI, Saline, MI, Livonia, MI, Whitmore Lake, MI. Ask about our estimates.