Canal Dover Furniture

Canal Dover Furniture

Dining Room Furniture

Family is the backbone of our community and of our business. The team we have today is dedicated to working together to deliver beautiful, American-made, solid wood furniture. What does “bench crafted” even mean? For us it means experienced craftsmen using their expertise to build one piece of furniture at a time. It means paying attention to details that typically don’t get noticed in a high production assembly line. Fortunately in our case, it also means having hard working Amish and Mennonite craftsmen caring about providing you with a beautiful piece of furniture. Wonderful things happen when you take the work ethic passed down from generation to generation of Amish and Mennonite families, and marry that with the time-tested techniques that have been in the furniture world for years.

Hammond in Ann Arbor, MI


Manhattan in Ann Arbor, MI


Elenor in Ann Arbor, MI


Square One in Ann Arbor, MI

Square One

Shaker village bed in Ann Arbor, MI

Shaker Village

Elenor Leg Table in Ann Arbor, MI

Elenor Leg Table

Tribeca Collection in Ann Arbor, MI

Tribeca Collection