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Cork flooring

The natural appeal of cork is matched only by the warmth and comfort it provides. If you are looking for a green and practical solution for your flooring, look no further.

Cork is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree, and transformed into a beautiful and unique floor that provides comfort on your feet.




Not a single tree is cut down in the making of cork flooring. When harvesting cork, only the outer bark of the cork oak tree is removed. After approximately nine years the bark will fully grow back and will be ready for harvesting once again.


The natural thermal insulation properties of cork makes it very energy efficient providing a pleasant touch, even to bare feet, and an optimal floor temperature all year round which contributes to an overall comfort. Better than wood and by far better than vinyl or ceramic when it comes to avoid energy dispersion.


Cork is an extremely efficient natural sound absorber because its cells work as an acoustic insulator. Cork floors can easily cut noise within a room (walking sound), and act as a noise buffer between the floor and the rooms underneath (impact sound), making it a great option for both residential and commercial spaces.
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