What?s the best way to clean my tile flooring?

What?s the best way to clean my tile flooring?

Ceramic tile floors are durable and, when taken care of properly, they'll last at least 50 years. The general rule is to mop the kitchen floor every two weeks or more, especially if you see a build-up of dirt and grime. The bathroom floor should be mopped once a week with the grout spot-cleaned the minute it looks dingy; otherwise, grout cleaning will become super tricky. Here are some tips but, as always, feel free to come into our tile shop if you have questions.

Make sure you use the right cleaner

While a floor tile is durable, it's important, with anything, to use a cleaner meant for a specific product. Different tiles have different cleaning requirements, with ceramic and porcelain needing one type of cleaner. In contrast, stone tiles including slate, marble, granite, travertine, or limestone often need individualized care and particular cleaning products.

Establish a routine

Doing this keeps you on track, and nothing will ever be forgotten. Always sweep or vacuum regularly so sand and dirt can't embed and cause scratching or dull the glazing.

Use the right mop. This may sound pretty basic, but this job can be tedious, and the right one will get floors clean without causing damage or just pushing dirty water around; the right mop will clean corners and crevices, which will save your time and your back!

Clean with mild detergents, such as dish soap, and change water frequently. If you see stains or any dislocation, try to determine what is causing these problems, and then use the appropriate cleaner.

Sometimes the tiles will look cloudy even after cleaning; this usually means soap residue. If the tile is porcelain or ceramic, you can use a water and lemon juice home cleaner. If the tile is stone, seek the advice of an expert at the tile store.

A final word: Don't let your tile flooring air dry because that can cause water spots. Wipe them right away after cleaning.

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